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Zinì & Amì




Written and directed by Pierluca Di Pasquale

A romantic sci-fi comedy. 

Zinì and Amì is a technological love story, between a young man and an android.  As with all love stories, it has its own difficulties.  And like humanity's relationship with technology, it has its own complications. The drama for this couple is that it has to content with both of these dilemmas.

Winner of the Premio Solinas, the most prestigious award for screenwriting in Italy.

Zinì e Amì has been screened in more than 130 theaters.


Photos by Elena Bellantoni


  • Premio Solinas - Talenti in Corto - Winner Best Script

  • Roma Creative Contest - Public Award

  • Immagini a confronto - Best Subject

  • Cinque minuti per sorridere - Best Film

  • Amarcort - Special Mention Smart Academy

  • Sorridendo Film Festival - Special Jury Prize

  • Tolfa Film Festival - Best National Film

  • Inventaunfilm - Best Cinematographer


Official Selection

  • Clermont Ferrant Film Fest

  • Les Circuits du Courts Nantes

  • Festival Paris Courts Devant

  • Giffoni Film Festival

  • Corti d’argento

  • Corto Dorico

  • Molise Cinema

  • RIFF Roma Indipendent Film Festival

  • Dubai Internationa Film Festival

  • Maremetraggio

  • Fano International Film Festival

  • Postira Seaside Film Festival

  • Lago Film Fest

  • Dieciminuti Film Festival

  • Cinin in corto

  • Cortometraggi Dosolo

  • Overlook Film Festival

  • Fano International Film Festival

  • Rocca Longobarda

  • Festival del cinema indipendente

  • San Salvario Short Films Festival

  • Cortinametraggio

  • Bif&st

  • GFF - Gulf Film Festival

  • Festival Pontino del cortometraggio

  • Imaginaria Film Festival

  • Festival de Soria

  • Wag Film Festival





Storyboard by Marco V. Gallo

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