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Ehi Muso Giallo - Hey Chink



Directed by Pierluca Di Pasquale - Written with Leonardo Giordano

A black comedy.

A young man wakes up in a dark kitchen of a restaurant.  He he has been beaten up and is tied to a chair.  He doesn't remember what happened to him, so his two Asian captures - a woman and a man - help him reconstruct the past events.

Photos by Giuliano Pastori

  • Roma Creative Contest - Award RaiCinema Channel + Best Soundtrack

  • Corto Dorico - Special Award Sentieri Selvaggi

  • Genova Film Festival - Critics Award

  • SHORTini Film Festival - Best Direction Award + Best Cinematography Award

  • Immagini a confronto - Best Movie Award

  • Sannio, Cinema & Rock'N'Roll - Best Movie Award

  • Festival Pontino del cortometraggio - Best Movie Award + Best Cinematography Award

  • ZeroTrenta Corto Festival - Best Screenplay Award + Best Actress Award to Jun Ichikawa

  • Fabriano Film Festival - Best Actress Award to Jun Ichikawa 
  • Cortinametraggio - Best Actress Award to Jun Ichikawa
  • Festival “C'è un tempo per l'integrazione...” - Special Jury Mention
  • Tresigallo Film Festival - Best Short Film
  • Retro Film Festival - Best Short Film
  • Corto Cultural Classic - Best Editing Award + Award for Best Supporting Actor
  • Visioni Italiane - Award Kinodromo To Costumes



Official Selection

  • European Short Film Festival of Brest
  • Arcipelago Short Film Festival
  • Mestre Film Festival
  • No Gloss Film Festival – The independent film festival for Leeds
  • Visionaria Film Festival
  • Figari Film Fest
  • Corto Lovere
  • InTe cinema festival
  • Corto Tendenza Film Festival
  • Coffi Italian Film & Art Festival
  • Corto e Mangiato
  • Next International Film Festival
  • COFFI - Cort'o Globo Film Festival
  • Dieciminuti Film Festival
  • Ecologico International Film Festival
  • Amarcort Film Festival
  • Festival Mauro Bolognini
  • 'O Curt
  • Notorius Film Festival
  • Ozu Film Festival
  • Cesate Short Film Fest
  • Fluvione Corto Festival
  • No Crime Film Festival
  • Rome International Film Festival
  • MoliseCinema Film Festival
  • MedInArt
  • Provo.Corto
  • Castellaneta Film Fest
  • Est Film Festival
  • Lago Film Fest
  • Salento Finibus Terrae
  • Tolfa International Short Film Festival
  • Festival dei corti Cinestesia
  • ICFF – Italian Contemporary Film Festival
  • Social World Film Festival
  • Arno Stream Fest
  • Roma Tre Film Festival
  • Corti da sogni
  • Kalat Nissa Film Festival
  • Skepto International Film Festival
  • RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival











Storyboard by Giulio Barresi

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